Immediately after Sirvoy has been connected with one, or even several sales channels, the systems will automatically update each other in a real time 2-way connection.

In this network, Sirvoy acts like a “Sales channel manager”, synchronizing all bookings in real time and letting you administrate and oversee all of them in one calendar view.

Sirvoy keeps track of all your bookings, whether you receive them from the front desk, phone, your hotels homepage, or your sales channels.

If, for example, a guest books a room via Sirvoy’s booking engine on your own hotel’s home page, or via your front desk, Sirvoy will immediately send an update of availability to all connected sales channels.

Or, if a guest books one of your rooms at, this information is immediately sent to Sirvoy, which will change the availability of rooms on both your home page, front desk and all other sales channels that are connected.

All the above requires that a mapping first has been done between the sales channel and Sirvoy Channel manager.