When an overbooking occurs you will receive an email alert and a message will also be displayed on the booking details page.

The overbooking message in the yellow box shows what was requested (room type, number of guests, dates, etc). Compare that information with the current booking content to find out the problem and what is missing. Usually, no room was available, or the room was not available for the full date range. Please note that when no room is assigned to the overbooking, the number of nights is always shown as “1”.

If you are able to accommodate the guests:

  1. Manually add rooms to the booking of the requested room type.

    • If you need to add a room from a different room type than the requested one, we recommend doing so on the channel’s side. For more information please see this article.

    • For iCal channels, the very same unit as the one booked on the channel needs to be added. (If the unit is currently occupied in Sirvoy, it needs to first be made available by moving the booking currently holding the unit.) If you add a different unit instead, the booking will automatically be cancelled. If you need to change it to a different unit, this needs to be done on the channel’s side.
  2. Mark the overbooking as resolved.

If you are not able to accommodate the guests:

  1. Contact the booking channel as soon as possible and explain the situation. Sirvoy cannot contact the booking channel for you.
  2. If the booking channel agrees to cancel the booking or modify the dates, it will automatically be updated once the update is received in Sirvoy.

Please note:

  • Cancelling the booking in Sirvoy will not change the booking status in the booking channel. If the booking needs to be cancelled this has to be initiated from the booking channel.
  • Your agreement with the booking channel may require that you find alternative accommodation.
  • If you contact the guest directly with an alternative offer, the guest might agree to cancel or modify the booking through the booking channel.

The reasons for overbookings can vary. If you get many overbookings, have questions, or need guidance on how to avoid similar issues in the future, please contact our support team. The related articles on this page can also provide more useful information