Sirvoy’s channel manager can connect with Agoda to retrieve bookings and automatically update room availability and prices.

Tip: Our support team can set this up with you. Contact us through live chat or schedule a free video chat.

Before You Start

  • Create an Agoda account.
  • Receive approval from your Agoda account manager for an XML connection through Sirvoy.

Connect Your Sirvoy and Agoda Accounts:

  1. In Sirvoy, go to Settings -> Channels -> Agoda
  2. Enter your Agoda Hotel ID and click “Save”
  3. Map the master rates of your Agoda room types to the matching room types in Sirvoy and verify all restrictions are accurate.
  4. Import any current bookings on Agoda to Sirvoy (We can guide you through this, contact us any time)
  5. Contact Sirvoy support to activate the connection

Your Sirvoy and Agoda accounts are now connected!

From now on, Sirvoy will control rates, availability, and restrictions (with some important exceptions) for your Agoda listings. Therefore, make all future updates to those features in Sirvoy because they will override those settings in Agoda. Changes made in Sirvoy will apply to Agoda within minutes.

Before You Go:

  • Now that your accounts are connected, payment details are stored differently.
    • Agoda will no longer display customer payment details.
    • The “Sirvoy Vault” feature can store payment information once activated but can’t charge customers.
    • Stripe, our recommended payment solution, can store payment details, and customers can be charged directly with Stripe from within Sirvoy.
  • Extra beds work differently in the Agoda connection compared to other channels, so it can be useful to create duplicate room types just for Agoda. 
    • For example, a room type with “2+1 extra beds” in Agoda should be mapped to a room type in Sirvoy with 2 “Number of guests” and 3 “Max. number of guests (incl. Extra beds).”
  • Agoda limits the maximum length of stay to 99 days, regardless of settings in Sirvoy.
  • Room types using the Flexible Price model can only send prices to Agoda for 1, 2, and the max number of guests.


  • Though double bookings are rare, hoteliers must be vigilant to solve them quickly.

On rare occasions, bookings received from channels might be divided into different rooms.