Note: The information in this article contains third party system descriptions that are subject to change without prior notice. Therefore, please be aware that some details may be outdated due to recent modifications made by the third party.

Follow these steps if the file is displayed as a long string without any columns when you try to open it:

  1. Start Microsoft Excel and open the CSV file.
  2. Select column A, click on “Data” and “Text to columns”. The “Text Wizard” will start.
  3. Choose”Delimited” and click next.
  4. Choose”Comma” as delimiters and “{none}” as text qualifier, then click next.
  5. Choose”General” and click finish.

If it still results in a long string:

  • We recommend downloading a new CSV file instead of the one you experienced problem with, as it may have been auto saved in the corrupted format without columns.