You can create and export an accounting report from Sirvoy, daily or monthly as preferred.
You can choose between different file formats and some, like SIE4 and CSV, can be imported into accounting software (e.g. Xero, Fortnox and Visma).

  1. Go to “Accounts report” on the Invoicing page to create reports for your bookkeeping.
  2. Specify the date range and the type of transactions you want to include in the report.
  3. Choose file format of the export, choose between PDF, SIE4 or CSV.
  4. At the end of the PDF you will find a summary with debit and credit amounts for the different ledger account codes. This means that you or your accountant can register multiple invoices, receipts and payments by making just one journal entry.

Note: The report will use the ledger account codes that were used when the invoices, receipts and/or payments were created. You can correct the account codes by editing individual invoice (and receipt) rows. To edit the default ledger accounts, go to Settings -> Financials -> Chart of accounts. To edit the default ledger accounts for taxes, go to Settings -> Financials and select tax under “Taxes included”.

Note: For your accounting report to be accurate you have to create a cash receipt or an invoice for all your reservations regardless of how they are paid.